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The Project

On the Utopicasso project, I was tasked with converting provided designs into a responsive WordPress theme. The blog would need to be custom built and incorporate some functionality. The website would have a number of unique pages with some completely unheard-of features. Things like a polaroid layout for the blog, an editable grid for the front-page, a spotlight over text that discusses current matters and trends, a playlist that includes names of songs with links to their youtube videos and a blackboard with chalk on it that lists a book and drink for the day.

As with many of the websites I build, I first began by drawing up a few designs of the layout and the color scheme. Once this was done, developing the site was made much easier. Using the unique inputs provided to me by Sihaam and Pooja – the brains behind Utopicasso – I got to work. It took three long months, full of challenges and obstacles, but by the end of it – Utopicasso was ready.

Along with design and development, I also handle the hosting management of the blog.


  • Custom WordPress Theme
  • Fully Functioning WordPress Blog
  • Custom User Interface
  • Documentation
  • Responsive Website
  • Custom Editable Sections of Blog


The clients were very pleased with the website. They found the custom post type to be very helpful in uploading easily to various sections of their blog and segregating their posts.