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The Project

Gofigito Educorp LLP is one of Pune’s fastest growing training and development company. On this project, I was tasked with creating a sleek, minimal, one-pager for the company. The website runs a custom theme on top of the WordPress platform and comprises of a single page with several sections and automatic, smooth-scrolling to each of these sections via an “always on top” navbar. It also has a few other neat features like counters that actually count up to a certain number, animations that play only once scrolled into view, embedded youtube testimonials, a PDF profile that can be downloaded on-click and more!


Along with design and development, I also handle the hosting management of the website and the SEO of the site, ranking the website at the first link and first page of Google’s search results.


  • Custom WordPress Theme
  • Fully Functioning One Page Site
  • Smooth Scroll
  • ‘Always on top’ Navigation
  • Website opens a PDF Document for further viewing
  • Documentation
  • Responsive Website
  • Custom Editable Sections of Blog


The client was pleased with the website. He was happy with the website being done extremely fast and made extremely light. The website also ranks first in Google.